Epoxy Flooring Artisans

The Concrete Artisans, Inc. creates custom floor patterns and designs using the highest quality products. We begin by diamond grinding the concrete slab to give the surface a profile to which the epoxy will form a tenacious bond. Next, we use a 10 mil primer coat and within 24 hours place our 10 mil color or quartz base coat. Finally, within 24 hours we use a 10 mil UV and chemical resistant clear topcoat.


Epoxy is the industiral choice for many manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and warehouses.

Epoxy is a polymer that cures when mixed with a catalyzing agent or "hardener". Like a liquid plastic epoxy is easily spread over floors protecting the concrete from external contaminates. The epoxy then cures into a hard polymer coating. Epoxy is the industrial flooring of choice for many manufacturing facilities, retail stores, and warehouses due to its seamless surface, ease of cleaning, limited maintenance, and resistance to chemicals.


The Concrete Artisans, Inc. offers a full line of epoxy flooring, from thin mil self leveling systems to mortar based epoxy resurfacing. Epoxy coatings are easy to clean, come in an endless array of colors, and can be put over any existing concrete surface. Epoxy coatings are perfect for areas routinely exposed to water, oil, abrasive agents, and even acid. Silica sand or aluminum oxide can be added to the epoxy for high slip resistance and increased durability. Complex patterns, designs, and even logos are easily achieved. The Concrete Artisans, Inc. can meet the most demanding project needs from residential garages to industrial manufacturing complexes. We have the epoxy to meet your project specifications.


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