Polished Concrete Floors

Revealing concrete’s natural, unique beauty.

Beauty and Durability

Just like cutting marble reveals its natural veins and patterns, polishing concrete brings out its unique, natural beauty. This long-lasting, high-gloss, low-maintenance finish rarely needs to be waxed, buffed, or replaced. Available in an array of colors, polished concrete is a cost-effective way to create a floor that’s attractive enough to include in your home or office, yet durable enough to endure the traffic and abuse of a retail or warehouse space. Polished concrete is OSHA-approved and NFSI certified as a high-traction floor.

Fireplace on stamped concrete patio

What’s The Difference Between Epoxy Floors and Polished Concrete?

Heavy-duty diamond polishing pads are used to grind down concrete floors to produce a smooth, shiny surface suitable for residential or commercial settings. When polished, concrete can become even stronger and more resistant to damage. Polished cement floors tend to be a more affordable option to install and maintain over their lifetime.

Epoxy floor coatings, a synthetic mixture of hardener and resin, are typically poured over a concrete base creating a chemically resistant, highly durable continuous surface. You can easily customize the look of your floor by adding color and texture options.  Epoxy floors are common in garages, warehouses, commercial kitchens, and other industrial settings. 

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