Flatwork Concrete

Improve your current space or create new, usable spaces.

The Longevity and Performance You Want

Patios, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, and foundations – sometimes called finished concrete, concrete flatwork is an ideal solution for your outdoor and construction needs. Concrete’s versatility lets the Concrete Artisans perfectly form flat, even surfaces for almost any project. With standard, decorative, and terrazzo finishes available, flatwork can convert your rough patches into durable, usable space.

An expansive concrete patio overlooks a vineyard

What Is Flatwork?

Flatwork construction is a broad term used to describe when concrete is poured over a horizontal plane. Our concrete contractors will work with you to determine the appropriate thickness and coverage for your residential or commercial flatwork project. The amount of reinforcement needed to protect the concrete slab is determined by estimating the traffic and stressors the area will be subject to. Whether you are surfacing a walkway or need a solid floor in a pole barn, give our experienced interior and exterior flatwork installers a call to receive a free estimate.

We had an excellent experience with the team from Concrete Artisans. They were quick and efficient in leveling and pouring a new floor for our barn. Work was done in 2 days and for a great price. Highly recommend!

Jason H